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Tessanne Chin Wins Season Five of ‘The Voice’

Tessanne Chin Wins Season Five of ‘The Voice’

Another season, another winner of a national talent competition – this time, it’s time to congratulate “The Voice” season 5 winner, Tessanne Chin: congratulations, Tessanne Chin.

The Jamaican singer Chin sang some pretty big songs associated with the Beatles and Whitney Houston for her final performance on “The Voice” and eventually, walked away with the season five trophy.

New Jersey teenager Jacquie Lee came in second, while Will Champlin was third in the voting.

Chin, who has worked with Jimmy Cliff, Third World and Ky-mani Marley, must have done something right with her version of Whitney Houston’s mega hit “I Have Nothing,” which sat at No. 1 on the iTunes singles chart for hours.

“Let It Be,” which she sang with her coach Adam Levine, was also in the top three during the voting period.

“I never felt safe,” Chin said after Monday’s performance. “Not until last week.”

None of Chin’s previous recordings reached Billboard’s charts during the season, though her interpretation of Paul Simon’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” is set to enter the Hot Digital Songs chart on Wednesday on sales of 60,000. Her previous biggest seller was her rendition of Jimmy Cliff’s “Many Rivers to Cross,” which sold 24,000, according to SoundScan.

While Chin claims not to want to make a reggae record, the style “will always be a part of what I do,” she said after Monday’s performances. “Maybe not in a direct sense, but my music will always have that (swagger). It’s who I am. I think the key to making great music is to stay true to yourself so (the listener) can relate to that.”

The finale, which aired on Tuesday, featured a Lady Gaga-Christina Aguilera duet and performances from OneRepublic, Celine Dion and previously eliminated performers from this season. The sixth season of the “The Voice,” with Shakira and Usher replacing Cee Lo Green and Aguilera, will premiere on February 24th and 25th.

Danielle Bradbery & Team Blake Win ‘The Voice’

Danielle Bradbery & Team Blake Win ‘The Voice’

Danielle Bradbury, a 16-year-old singer from Cypress, Texas is the newest winner of the NBC reality singing competition, “The Voice.”

Representing Team Blake Shelton, Bradbury beat out the other two finalists in the competition, Michelle Chamuel and the Swon Brothers. The latter act is made up of Colton and Zach.

“Me and Michelle were holding onto each other, shaking,” she said after the show on the red carpet, according to USA Today. “When I heard my name, I could not believe it. It’s going to take a while to sink in, but I’m just embracing the moment while it’s here.”

After being announced as the winner, Bradbury performed a rendition of Sara Evan’s “Born to Fly.” She had previously performed the song on Monday’s competition finale of the show. The country singer is the youngest winner of the voice, and only the second female champion. After the show, Shelton championed Bradbury’s appreciation of the Country music genre.

“I wanted to make sure that Nashville respected her as much as they could,” Shelton said. “Obviously, she’s an incredible vocalist, but I wanted them to know that she respects country music and that’s why we kept throwing it back to artists from 10-20 years ago … showing Nashville that she can do that stuff, she can do new stuff. She can perform with Hunter Hayes, she can sing with me. Whatever it is you throw at her she’s capable of doing.”

Cher appeared during the show to perform “Woman’s World,” the first single from her upcoming new album. She spoke about how shows like “The Voice” can help young talent.

“I think shows like this might help you skirt a lot of the bad stuff that could be waiting for you. It’s a great place to go and be seen by everybody and have that feeling that you can actually can do it,” she said. “Sonny (Bono) and I used to play bowling alleys and roller skating rinks. And that was hard to keep telling ourselves, ‘We were good, we were good, we were good.’ “

Why Doesn’t ‘The Voice’ Go Out on Tour?

Why Doesn’t ‘The Voice’ Go Out on Tour?

Music competitions have become a staple of 21st century television. It’s a fad that’s entirely understandable; most people like music, and they also enjoy watching competition in action — especially the drama that results from them. The Voice is a testament to that. There are few things more dramatic than seeing young performers that aspire to be stars, singing their hearts out twice a week while knowing that elimination could be the end of their dreams. Even the judges will tell eliminated contestants to carry on with their musical aspirations, but they know along with the audience: this was their big shot, and they lost.

Although those seeking the ultimate in drama may not prefer, there is a way to ease the pain felt by eliminated contestants. American Idol, which has set a precedent for most music competition shows, routinely brings out contestants from recent seasons for touring purposes. Not only does this increase the show’s already-wide reach, but it provides these singers another chance to flaunt their vocal chords. You never know what talent agent or A&R manager may be in the crowd. With the American Idol tour, previously eliminated contestants have broadened their fan base, which at the very least provides them with an increased social media following, which elevates their chances of being signed to a major label. Just sing your heart out, and you may become a viral sensation.

Ever since The Voice premiered in April 2011, it has achieved massive ratings. It’s something executive producer Mark Burnett, who also created reality show king Survivor, is accustomed to. The Voice is not the first of his programs to premiere directly after the Super Bowl, a coveted spot that guarantees ratings and potentially introduces the show to a whole new audience. So with such a broad and exposed audience, it again begs the question: Why doesn’t The Voice go out on tour? The answer is because they already have, and it didn’t have the best results. The Voice went on tour in 2011 with its first season’s top 8 contestants, though sales for the six-city tour wasn’t very impressive. Still, it’s hard to expect much by only traveling to six cities. With the cities including stops in Illinois and Connecticut, it’s not like organizers chose the most buzzing markets. Most importantly, only six shows meant that a very limited audience had access to the opportunity. Increasing the number of shows and reducing the ticket price to a more realistic level would surely result in improved ticket sales. Unfortunately, the show has decided to not tour since.

Another idea that would highlight a potential new The Voice tour is to have the judges perform as well, perhaps alongside the contestants. With the likes of Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Usher, and Shakira on the judging panel, that’s a chock full of musical talent that The Voice could potentially employ for another go at a tour. The cost to have them aboard would be significant, but there’s no doubting that fans would pay a pretty penny to see the judges and contestants on the same stage. It would be an eclectic experience that would compare to a music festival, so charging festival-like prices would not be out of the question. Similar pricing to Warped tour, which utilizes a comparable idea, would be expected, not scoffed at. While it’s understandable that The Voice wants to have its own voice, there would be no shame in following American Idol’s annual tradition of having contestants perform for a generally accessible tour. Not only would it provide recognition for The Voice, but more importantly the aspiring artists who would the second opportunity to show crowds their vocal talents.

Cassadee Pope Winner of ‘The Voice’ Season 3

Cassadee Pope Winner of ‘The Voice’ Season 3

Cassadee Pope is the latest winner of “The Voice.”

The 22-year-old Los Angeles singer was announced as the show’s first-ever female winner last night, and she was one of three finalists for the season that also included Scottish rocker Terry McDermott and soulman Nicholas David. Rolling Stone said a win for Pope “came to seem like the inevitable.”

“I’m still caught up in the moment,” Pope told USA Today a little while after the win. “I still feel like this is just not real. I feel like I’m dreaming, but I am so happy right now.”

Pope recently got out of her major label recording contract with her previous band Hey Monday, and also said that she didn’t think she had a shot to win the reality singing competition when the season began.

“I mean, the closer I got, the more I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this could happen,’” she continued. “But, at the beginning, with all those big voices and all those people, I just felt like I was getting swallowed in the group. The further I got, I felt like I was starting to stand out a little bit, which is great.”

Pope was coached by country star Blake Shelton, who commented on what made her performances so special.

“She’s become comfortable in front of the camera,” he said. “She’s always been a great singer. But more than anything, she’s figured something about herself that she’s really, really, really good at, which is telling a story in a lyric and having people understand it and react to it in a very special way. And you can’t teach that to anybody.”

Pope also spoke about what fans can expect from her first solo album.

“I’ve always been writing, so I have a lot of material ready to go,” she said. “It’s going to be very uplifting, pop rock, maybe just a little hint of country in there. It’s going to be everything you’ve seen on the show, that ‘90s, early ’00s feel, with a modern twist to it.”

Usher, Shakira Sign On as Coaches for ‘The Voice’

Usher, Shakira Sign On as Coaches for ‘The Voice’

With confirmation of the next “American Idol” judges panel over the weekend, it looks like “The Voice” didn’t want to be left out as it announced its own panel shake up, revealing that Usher and Shakira will be joining the show next year.

The two will replace Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera for the fourth season of the show set to air this spring on NBC. Both Green and Aguilera are expected to return to the coaches’ chairs for the fifth season in the fall of 2013, and NBC hopes to arrange a large pool of talent they can continuously draw from to coach various seasons.

“Having award-winning artists as coaches means they need to be able to tour,” said Mark Burnett, who is executive producer of the show. “Whether in the red chair or on tour, our coaches have their chairs for life. This is exactly why, after three seasons, we needed to allow them to rotate out so they can get on the road amongst their fans. Meanwhile, we’re incredibly excited to have singular artists like Usher and Shakira joining the fold.

It has not yet been announced whether the other two coaches from the show – country singer Blake Shelton and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine – will be with the show in the fall. Both Aguilera and Green released statements concerning their departure and their plans for the hiatus.

“I’m highly enthusiastic about focusing my undivided attention on my additional endeavors and interests like my upcoming solo album, new Goodie Mob album, Las Vegas residency Loberace, new memoir, and new NBC comedy,” Green said in his statement. The NBC comedy is expected to be a scripted comedy based on his life.

“As I have expressed since day one of the show, [I] am a singer and performer first and I am so excited to get back to that love,” Aguilera said. She is expected to tour and release a new album.

Keith Urban Silences ‘the Voice,’ Preparing for ‘American Idol?’

Keith Urban Silences ‘the Voice,’ Preparing for ‘American Idol?’

Keith Urban will not return as a coach on the second season of the Australian version of “The Voice,” but it looks like he may find a chair at the “American Idol” judges table.

Urban’s statement that he will not return to the Australian show fuels existing rumors that the country star is being courted by Fox’s number one music reality competition show.

“I’ve been so fortunate to have been a part of ‘The Voice,’” Urban said in the statement. “And as much as I’d love to do it again, it’s clear that the recording and promoting of a new album, a tour and other commitments, will keep me from being a part of the second season. To everyone who sang on the show, I thank you, you’ve inspired not just me, but countless others.”

CBS News reports that Katie Couric tells Jennifer Lopez that Urban will be a new “American Idol” judge in an interview set to air on Couric’s talk show. Fox, however, has yet to confirm any reports of the lineup for season 12, other than that Mariah Carey will be a judge.

Lopez and Steven Tyler announced their departure from the show earlier this year, leaving Randy Jackson as the only remaining judge, though it is not clear that he will remain on the show as a judge. Other names that have been rumored for a judge position have included Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Brad Paisley and Nick Jonas.

No replacement has yet been announced to fill Urban’s space on “The Voice” Australia. The production company for the show, Nine North, said that executives are currently in talks with “super star musicians” for the role.

The other coaches on the first season of the show were Seal, Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden and Australian pop star Delta Goodrem. It has not been confirmed yet if these coaches will be returning.

Michael Buble Signs on as Adviser to Team Blake on ‘The Voice’

Michael Buble Signs on as Adviser to Team Blake on ‘The Voice’

“The Voice” will be getting a bit more stylish with the announcement that Michael Buble will join the show for its upcoming third season as an advisor to coach Blake Shelton’s team of contestants. Buble began taping his appearance for the show yesterday in Los Angeles.

This year’s edition of the show will premiere on NBC on September 10, moving from its previous spring time slot. The move to the fall means that the show will compete directly with “The X Factor.”

Buble has said that he is a “big Blake fan,” despite the fact that the two perform in different genres. No other advisors have yet been announced for Shelton’s fellow judges Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine. Advisors last year included such heavy hitters as Kelly Clarkson, Jewel and Babyface.

Simon Cowell, who is the creator of “The X Factor” hasn’t had very kind thoughts about “The Voice,” and shared some of his feelings about the show on Britain’s Radio 4 Today Show.

“That show (“The Voice”) puzzles me because it starts off and ‘it’s all about the voice,’” he said on the radio show. “So my first thought is, ‘Why isn’t this on radio?’ because what’s the point of looking at them? Then suddenly I’m watching it a week or two weeks ago and it’s the same as ‘The X Factor.’ They’ve got dancers behind them, graphics, lights. Same show… I see a lot of shows trying to rip us off. If you try and rip somebody off it always looks like a bad copy.”

“The Voice” isn’t the only show undergoing shake ups for its upcoming season. Cowell’s previous show, “American Idol,” is rumored to be in talks with Adam Lambert about becoming a judge, and none of the three current judges (Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez or Randy Jackson) have committed to the upcoming season.


‘The Voice U.K.’ Tour Cancelled After Weak Sales

A planned 11-date tour for The Voice UK Live has been cancelled, the BBC reports.

The tour, which was set to begin this September, was to feature all eight of the finalists for this year’s season of the show. A spokesperson issued a statement saying simply: “Unfortunately, The Voice UK Live has been cancelled due to lack of ticket sales.”

The statement also revealed that anyone who already bought a ticket to the dates will be issued refunds.

“Customers are advised to contact their point of purchase for ticket refunds.”

Dates for the tour were scheduled around the U.K., and were scheduled to kick off on September 12 at the Bournemouth International Centre in Bournemouth, England. The tour was also expected to visit cities including Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, London, Glasgow and Sheffield.

The news comes as the show itself has also been criticized recently for lack of viewers. While in April there were average audiences of more than 10 million people watching each episode, this audience had shrunk to an average of 4.5 million by the time the series concluded this month.

The season finale did, however, gather some more viewers as 7 million people watched the 28-year-old Leanne Mitchell be named the winner of the show on the season finale. However, her first single, a cover of Whitney Houston’s “Run to You,” has thus far failed to break the top 40 of the Official Chart. As part of her win, Mitchell earned a major label deal with Universal Music.

This year was the first season of the U.K. version of the show, and featured coaches, Jessie J, Sir Tom Jones and Danny O’Donoghue.

The U.S. version of “The Voice” has also seen viewership declines during its second season, which aired from February to May of this year. By the end of the season, there were 40 percent less viewers than there had been for the season premiere, which followed this year’s Super Bowl.

The Winner of The Voice is Revealed

The Winner of The Voice is Revealed

After competing for 10 weeks “The Voice” winner is…Javier Colon!

Colon, a father of two from Stratford, CT, first had to win over Adam Levine, his “Voice mentor, in April during a blind audition round. The viewers stood by him in the battle as well as semi-final rounds. On Wednesday night he was named “The Voice” champion.

After being crowned as the best performer for season 1 Colon said, thank you. Wow. I don’t know where I can even begin. I just want to say the three women standing here are all incredible. Thank you to everyone at home who voted for me and believes in me. Thank you to my family.

Colon beat out Dia Frampton, the second place finisher, by only two percentage points. He will get a recording contract and $100,000. Colon earlier that night proved he will be able to put his contract to good use. He and Stevie Nicks sang “Landslide” together, leaving Levine speechless. Levine gushed, the duet was one of the more beautiful I have ever heard.

However Frampton along with third place finisher Beverly McClellan and fourth place finisher Vicci Martinez will not be going home empty handed. This summer they will be joining Colon along with the other finalists on the show for the six city “The Voice” concert tour.

Christina Aguilera to be a Coach on New NBC Reality Show ‘The Voice’

Christina Aguilera to be a Coach on New NBC Reality Show ‘The Voice’

Christina Aguilera will be one of the three coaches on the new reality show on NBC called “The Voice”.

This announcement was made just one day following Aguilera’s arrest for public intoxication. However, no charges were filed.
The other two coaches on the show will be Adam Levine, of Maroon 5 and Cee Lo Green.

All three musicians have won Grammy Awards and will be mentors for NBC’s new reality show that will first be televised at 9:00 p.m. on April 26. Carson Daly will be the host of the program.
Aguilera released a statement in which she said, “I am so excited to be part of such a wonderful project that celebrates music and the talent behind it. To be given the opportunity to help shape new artists; careers and mentor them to see their dreams come to fruition is a task I welcome with open arms. I am so happy to be working with fellow Grammy Award winners Adam and Cee Lo as I feel there is so much we can all bring to ‘The Voice.’”

According to NBC, in total, there will be four mentors that will contribute to “The Voice,” which is a competition for singers that will show the coaches selecting performers as they audition. After the mentors select their teams, they will have their songwriters, producers, and friends assist them in building a successful singing team.

The producers of the show are Mark Burnett, Talpa Productions and Warner Horizon Television. Burnett indicated that he really wanted Aguilera to be a coach above any other female singer.
Burnett said, “When I decided to produce ‘The Voice,’ I immediately knew that my first choice for a female coach had to be Christina Aguilera. Christina is an undeniable force in the music business. The is the epitome of ‘The Voice.’”