Top 10 Jobs for Music Addicts

So, if you’re on this site, it’s a pretty safe bet that you like the whole music fiasco, right? I’d venture to guess that you’re A bit of A fan at this stage. And, whether you like to relax with a few records at

How to Start Your Own Record Label

So, you want to start your own record label. Like opening a bar or buying a sports team, this is always something that crosses your mind at some point in your life (and is possibly voiced after a couple of drinks). But what if

Does House Music have a Misogyny Problem?

Thump – Vice’s online electronic music magazine – posted an interesting article entitled ‘This “Thigh Gap” YouTube Channel Proves That House Music Has a Misogyny Problem’. Picking up on something that many have noticed for years — House music loves sexy ladies. Brands like

Kanye West Is Not a Genius

A blog post on NME by David Renshaw entitled “Stop Booing Kanye West: His ‘Rants’ Are Part Of What Makes Him A Genius” has things profoundly wrong in my opinion. Well, as profound as any opinion on Kanye West could be. In the above

Is American Music Becoming Less American?

America is widely considered to be the birthplace of all modern popular music. And even when Beatlephiles, British Invasion geeks and classical/jazz zealots claim the mantle for their own camp, nobody can deny the business of selling music as the product of almost-supernatural stars,