Kanye West Is Not a Genius

A blog post on NME by David Renshaw entitled “Stop Booing Kanye West: His ‘Rants’ Are Part Of What Makes Him A Genius” has things profoundly wrong in my opinion. Well, as profound as any opinion on Kanye West could be. In the above

Is American Music Becoming Less American?

America is widely considered to be the birthplace of all modern popular music. And even when Beatlephiles, British Invasion geeks and classical/jazz zealots claim the mantle for their own camp, nobody can deny the business of selling music as the product of almost-supernatural stars,

What Makes Music Pretentious?

What exactly makes music “pretentious”? It’s “something full of pretense; an attempt to make something that is not the case appear true”. It’s an insult that’s levied against any number of bands often with little back-up or explanation. Is it the lyrics? The music?

10 Reasons Ozzy Osbourne Should Be Dead

Ozzy Osbourne. Is there another name that so completely defies what science is trying to prove? How exactly has the lead singer of Black Sabbath managed to cheat death for this long? It’s about time somebody genuinely examined the facts — and someone is.

9 Uber Successful Bands Who Hated Each Other

When bands don’t get along, you can usually tell. There’s a distinct difference between friendly joshing around in interviews and the overt glaring across the stage that’s oh-so-evident in concert DVDs (no names named). But some bands manage to power through that kind of

10 Things You May Not Know About George Strait

Ah, George Strait. It’s now impossible to hear that name without a nostalgic twang lassoing the speaker’s voice. After decades establishing himself as the King of Country music, George Strait is throwing in his cowboy hat with The Cowboy Rides Away tour. Finishing up