The Lumineers’ Most Prominent Influences

The Lumineers have expertly managed to craft a sound steeped in what’s currently trendy – namely anthemic folk songs with notable Americana and pop influences, propelled by groups like Mumford & Sons, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, and The Civil Wars. Some members

5 Worst Beatles Songs Ever

Ah, The Beatles. The mischievous, occasionally scandalous, quartet of modern pop music. A veritable One Direction for their age. But oh, I hear you cry, One Direction are terrible, and I hate every single one of their songs with a deep burning passion! And

The Silence Surrounding Barack Obama

Perhaps unlike any President in American history – certainly in modern times – Barack Obama began his tenure with hope beaming from the faces of a nation. That word “hope” had been emblazoned on the posters that filled up the nation’s streets, hoisted outside

Riot Grrrls And Their Unfinished Mission In Music

When the Riot Grrrls appeared on the scene in the early nineties, they like other punks before them, arrived with music that was laced with a fiery passion to change things. Although unlike their predecessors, whose political anger had attached itself to left-wing politics,