ZZ Top Set to Tour Canada, West Coast in Spring

2014 looks to be a year much like any other for the men of ZZ Top – having spent most of the last five decades on the road, the Texan trio have just announced a new round of concert dates for this year.

The newly announced dates will see the band in the US and Canada from March to April, after which they’ll head to Europe for a string of shows for June and July.

The new shows will, yet again, be in support of the band’s latest album (and, in fact, their 15th full length studio effort) La Futura, which was released way back when in September 2012.

The album took the band nine years to record in full, but the band have explained that not all recordings over that nine year period made it onto the record. Guitarist Billy Gibbons even suggested that the band could easily put out another record without entering the studio again:

“The label didn’t really want to release a dual disc in this rather topsy-turvy musical landscape, where promoting new material is so challenging,” said Gibbons, who suggested that the band wanted to get the songs out in the future. “So we’re sitting on 10 more songs … We have that big ball of wax waiting to roll.”

Who knows whether the band will ever release the excess material from La Futura, let alone whether they’ll do it this year, but they’ll definitely be on the road – something the world has come to rely on from the eternally touring three piece.

Anywho, back to the tour – it’s due to kick off on March 5th in Las Vegas, and will see the trio make stops in Aspen, Denver, Calgary, and Vancouver, among other places, after which the North American segment of the tour will culminate with a show in Mesa, Arizona on April 5th. After that, the band will head to Norway and Germany.