Wilco Unearths Spring Concert Dates, Starts Work on New Album

Wilco has created their own record label under the name dBpm Records and are scheduled to drop their next collection of songs in the latter part of 2011.

Jeff Tweedy, member of Wilco stated, “This is an idea we’ve discussed for years. We really like doing things ourselves, so having our own label feels pretty natural to me. And, to be working with Anti-, a label that has its roots in a label that was started by a punk rock guy to sell his own records, seems like a perfect fit for us.”

dBpm Records will be produced from Tony Margherita Management offices, which are located in Massachusetts. The label will be collaborating with Anti-Records, which was the record company behind the Mavis Staples release, “You Are Not Alone”. This album was produced by Tweedy and has been nominated for a Grammy. Anti-Records will be responsible for distributing material and for other necessary tasks for the label.

Prior to the creation of dBpm Records, Wilco had been working under the Nonesuch label; however their contract with them expired after “Wilco (the album)”debuted. The band decided to pursue an alternative option.

Wilco has scheduled several southern concerts in May, and are going to emcee the Solid Sound Festival on June 24th through June 26. The festival will be at MASS MoCA in North Adams, MA. For more information on this festival, check out the group’s website.
In the meantime, Tweedy is going to be performing on a solo basis throughout March. He has concerts scheduled in Montreal; Toronto; Portland, ME; and in 3 other venues in the Midwest.