Soul Asylum, Fountains of Wayne, Evan Dando Set Fall Tour

Big Hassle Media spokesman Ken Weinstein has just released news that Fountains of Wayne, Soul Asylum and Lemonheads’ frontman Evan Dando will be touring together this fall.

The tour has, presumably, been primarily motivated by the principle that 90s revivalism is a thoroughly milked but ever generous cash-cow at the moment and selling nostalgia to people in their 20s currently suffering from quarter-life crises after discovering that there is no one moment where they think “now, I am an adult and I know what life is all about” is well worth exploitation. But that is just a theory. Maybe they just fancied a friendly tour. It could just be a coincidence that the 90s are so hot right now, Hansel.

The tour kicks off on September 26th 2013 in Northampton, Massachusetts and comes to an end after a thorough gallivant around the East coast in Minneapolis, Minnesota on October 19th. Only Fountains of Wayne will be performing on the first date of the tour in Northampton and on September 28th in Burlington, Vermont. Similarly, Evan Dando won’t be making an appearance in Portland, Maine on September 27th, which is pretty tragic for all the ladies of Portland, really: sorry, Portland ladies!

The tour marks the first thing Fountains of Wayne have done since they released their most recent album, Sky Full of Holes, in 2011. The Lemonheads’ 2-disc compilation, Laughing All The Way To The Cleaners, was released last year, as was Soul Asylum’s Delayed Reaction. The latter have since released a covers EP earlier this year, complete with the cheery title, No Fun Intended.

Unfortunately, tickets to backstage hangout sessions are not available, and if they are, have probably already sold out, to be honest. But if you happen to ‘know people’ or you’re a master criminal, post-show scenes are expected to feature games of Tetris, reruns of Roseanne and jellie shoes filled with complementary Push-Pops.