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Snoop Dogg 2014 Wellness Retreat Tour Opening Band: Wiz Khalifa

The Roots Picnic: Snoop Dogg & The War On Drugs Penns Landing Festival Pier
Philadelphia, PA

Snoop Dogg O2 Academy Brixton
London, GL

Le Festival: Snoop Dogg Plains Of Abraham
Quebec, QC

Ottawa BluesFest: Snoop Dogg Lebreton Flats
Ottawa, ON

Frequently Asked Questions

What songs will Snoop Dogg play in concert?
Snoop Dogg has a very weird and expansive catalog of material to work with. Fans largely consider his prime material as 1993’s Doggystyle and the follow-up, Tha Doggfather. He plays “Gin & Juice” from his debut, and the crowd knows the words by heart. But he largely stays away from this classic material, and plays an eclectic set mixed with features, covers, and recent material.

Snoop likes to bring out songs he was featured in for interesting results. The most popular remain “Nuthin But a G Thang,” his iconic partnership with Dr. Dre. He also plays “the Next Episode,” his 2001 Dre collaboration from Dr. Dre’s sophomore album. The lack of Dre’s verse makes the live showing a bit awkward, and the song either cuts off prematurely or is picked up by a guest MC that joins Snoop onstage.

At the end of the day, recent Snoop Dogg shows consist of almost 75% cover material, so your interest in the show will depend on how open you are to reggae tracks and aforementioned Dr. Dre. Here is a sampling of what you can expect from the playlist.

I Wanna Rock
Deep Cover
I’m Fly
Down 4 My Niggaz
Ups & Downs
Lodi Dodi
All I Do Is Win
The Next Episode
Nuthin’ but a “G” Thang
Mary Jane
Gin & Juice
I Wanna **** You
I Love Rock & Roll
2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted
Jump Around
Drop It Like It’s Hot
Who Am I? (What’s My Name?)
Young, Wild & Free

What covers does he play live?
Snoop Dogg nods and shows respect to some of the great rappers before him as well as some of his contemporaries. Some of the most popular covers include 50 Cent’s “P.I.M.P.” as well as House of Pain’s 90’s jam/rock classic, “Jump Around.”

He also tries his hand at Joan Jett’s rock and roll classic, “I Love Rock and Roll.” It is an intriguing choice, but it follows in the vein of Snoop’s show opener, “I Love Rock and Roll.” He has also opened with Tupac’s own “California Love,” a hip-hop classic in its own right.

Snoop closes the majority of his shows with “Jammin.” The Bob Marley reggae classic gets the Snoop treatment, but it is probably from the wheelhouse of his alter ego Snoop Lion. Snoop had a major hit in 2012 with “Young, Wild & Free,” so perhaps he is contractually obligated to bring the track out on tour despite the absence of Bruno Mars and Wiz Khalifa to play their parts.

So what happened to Snoop Lion?
In 2012, Snoop Dogg announced a public embracement of Rastafari. It is a religion or way of life born out of Jamaica. The announcement was immediately followed by a identity change, and Snoop Dogg renamed himself Snoop Lion.

The change was reflected in his 2013 album, Reincarnated. The album also reflected a major stylistic change, which was a reggae album. This was quite different from his gangster rap origins with Dr. Dre in the early 90’s.

Is Snoop Dogg retiring?
Shortly after the release of Reincarnated, Snoop Dogg announced that the Snoop Lion moniker only applied to his reggae albums. He still plans on releasing hip hop material under the Snoop Dogg name.

Interestingly, rumors of Snoop Dogg retiring are true- sort of. Snoop plans on releasing one final goodbye record as Snoop Dogg, and then he will stick with the Snoop Lion name and continue exploring reggae. Of course, this is not set in stone and up to Snoop’s given whims of the moment.

Where can I find Snoop Dogg presale tickets?
Snoop Dogg isn’t really offering presale tickets for his current Wellness Retreat tour.

Who is Snoop Dogg’s current publicist and press contact?
Snoop’s magnetic attraction to weed and frequent arrests have made his publicist earn their keep over the past decade. Snoop works with 5W publicity—a media firm located out of New York City. Contact their general email,, for business inquires and Snoop-related media.

Concert Reviews

“It’s clear that Snoop has a real passion for his art and it showed not just in Thursday’s live show (which over the course of sixty five minutes was not only consistently entertaining but musically solid) but also in his recent output. While he’s arguably the face of nineties gangsta rap, it’s clear that Snoop remains fueled creatively.” – Jim Ryan of Chicago Now

“With a trio of athletic dancers and a DJ behind him, Snoop leaned into his raps with typical lackadaisical cool, occasionally side-stepping for a hip shake in his immaculately pleated jeans. Four rappers in his Dogg pound burst onstage to tell the crowd to scream, say “Hey! Ho!” and the usual hype before the team rolled into the steel-drum brushed “P.I.M.P.”.” – Melissa Ruggieri of Access Atlanta

“Whether he was singing a more recent hit such as the 2007 release, “Sensual Seduction,” or a song from his Death Row Records days in the ’90s, Snoop seemed to be aiming for an atmosphere of inclusion, one where the audience would most likely know the songs and as many as possible could follow him word for word.” – Deborah Todd of The Post Gazette

Tour Archive

Reincarnated (2013)
Tour Opening Acts: Kuruopt, Suga Free
Started April 20 in San Francisco, California | Ended August 29 in Seattle, Washington

Projekt Revolution (2004)
Tour Opening Acts: Ghostface Killah, No Warning, Downset, Korn
Started July 23, 2004 in Cincinnatti, Ohio | Ended September 5, 2004 in Mountain View, California

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