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The Canadian rock band Rush was established in 1968 in Toronto, Ontario. Band members are Geddy Lee (lead vocalist, keyboardist bassist), Alex Lifeson (backing vocalist, guitarist) and Neil Peart (lyricist, percussionist drummer). There were several re-configurations of the band and band members from 1968 through 1974. Their current form was achieved in 1974 when Peart became the drummer, replacing John Rutsey, who suffered from diabetes.

The band released their debut self-titled album in 1974. The band is well-known for their complex compositions, musicianship and eclectic lyrics which heavily draw on philosophy, fantasy and science fiction. The music style of Rush’s has changed over the years. The style of their first album was heavy metal inspired by the blues, they then encompassed hard rock, followed by progressive rock, then a period where synthesizers were predominant. The band has been influential for a variety of other bands, including Symphony X, Dream Theater, The Smashing Pumpkins, Primus and Metallica.

Rush has won numerous Juno Awards and in 1994 became inducted into Canada’s Music Hall of Fame. Rush has 3 multi platinum, 11 platinum and 24 gold records. The band has released 20 studio albums, 8 compilation albums, 9 live albums and 78 singles. Rush has sold more than 40 million worldwide albums. “Clockwork Angels,” their most recent studio album, was released in June 2012.