Rolling Stones Not Retiring, Will Kick Off World Tour in 2011

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood, collectively known as the legendary rock band The Rolling Stones have recently confirmed that they will be going on a world tour that will be launched on 2011 and might span through 2012 which marks the Stones’ 50th year in the biz.

However, as soon as they firmed up reports of a 2011 world tour, rumors have spread that the gig will be the last performance for the band as they hit the retirement phase. A source for UK’s The Sun told the newspaper that the band will make this tour their last so they can “bow out on top of their game”, leave the biz in classic fashion without leaving their fans hanging or waiting for more.

A spokesperson for the band completely repudiates the report, saying it is “not true”. The Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood also denies the rumors saying “We have all agreed this won’t be the last time. Everyone’s rocking.” Tour promoter Live Nation was also asked for a comment regarding the issue but declined.

They might be way past the retirement age – Jagger at 67, Richards at 66, Watts being the oldest at 69 – with the exception of Wood, the youngest and the only one who still has two years more before he hits the retirement age. But this doesn’t mean that these guys can no longer rock and roll, because as Wood puts it, “We’ll rock till we drop”.