Pearl Jam Serves Up 37-Song Set for Seattle Return

Pearl Jam Serves Up 37-Song Set for Seattle Return

Pearl Jam closed the North American portion of their Lightning Bolt tour last Friday in their native territory of Seattle, with a three hour marathon set featuring 37 hits, deep cuts, deeper cuts, the deepest cuts, and a few covers thrown in for good measure.

Before Friday, it had been over four years since the grunge-pioneering five piece played a show in their hometown, and they kicked off the sold out Key Arena show with “Pendulum”, from the band’s latest record, followed by Vitalogy songs “Nothingman” and “Corduroy.” Weirdly enough, the night of the show fell on the nineteenth anniversary of that record’s release, though the band made no mention of this on the night.

Somewhat predictably, plenty of Lightning Bolt material was played, with “Mind Your Manners,” “Sirens,” and the title track garnering some of the night’s biggest responses. Some more obscure choices to make their way onto the set list included  ”Breath,” which originally had been recorded for the soundtrack to the Cameron Crowe film “Singles” and a solo Vedder cover of the Velvet Underground’s “After Hours” (played in tribute to that group’s recently departed frontman, Lou Reed) as well as an OMG-so-obvious-but-also-not performance of the band’s little-known Christmas single “Let Me Sleep.”

The internet tells me (because I don’t know, I wasn’t actually there, obviously) that other highlights of the show included lead guitarist Mike McCready playing the solo to “Even Flow” behind his back, and Steve Turner and Mark Arm of Mudhoney, as well as Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil being invited onstage for a collaborative performance of the MC5 classic “Kick Out The Jams.”

Apparently, McCready, the lovable show-off, also put his own spin on Eddie Van Halen’s “Eruption.” The band wrapped up with “Yellow Ledbetter,” and, I imagine, some mega cheers. In short, a good night was had by all.

  • victoria Armistead

    Is pearl jam having any concerts at St Louis Missouri in 2014

  • aspprogrammer

    Pearl Jam just wrapped a big tour in December so I’d imagine they are laying low for a while. They’ve booked some gigs in Europe for the summer but no word on any U.S. dates so far. We’ll post any new info as it comes available.