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Frequently Asked Questions

What songs will Paul Simon play in concert?

Paul Simon will often dig deep into his solo catalog as well as the handful of LP’s he released as one half of the folk duo, Simon & Garfunkel. But 2014 marks a rather interesting show for the famed folk master as he is joined onstage by the ever intriguing Sting of the 80’s group, the Police. This is not as an opening act, but is a co-headliner with Simon playing alongside Sting onstage, trading off songs with complimenting grace.

With the mixed talent of this dynamic duo, the set is a mixture of Police and Sting songs, as well as Simon’s own material. The setlist is quite consistent, for better or worse. The pair opens the shows with Sting’s own 2004 ambient rock wonder, “Brand New Day.” The set then slides into a one-to-one back and forth between Simon and Sting recordings. “Graceland” is a show stopper from Simon’s catalog, as well as the underappreciated masterpiece, “Dazzling Blue.”

For most fans, the best part of the show is the end when Simon pulls out all the stops with his Sting-accompanied rendition of “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” This folk classic is complemented wonderfully by Sting doing Art Garfunkel’s vocals. The song is followed by the equally influential 80’s song “Every Breath You Take.”  This brilliant piece of pop is accented by the intricate guitar work of Simon, bringing it a folksier style.

Brand New Day
The Boy in the Bubble
Fields of Gold
Mother and Child Reunion
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
Dazzling Blue
Still Crazy After All These Years
Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard
The Boxer
That Was Your Mother
Hearts and Bones
Mystery Train / Wheels
The Obvious Child
Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
You Can Call Me Al
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Every Breath You Take
Late in the Evening
When Will I Be Loved?

What should I expect out of a Paul Simon show in 2014?

Paul Simon has a long history of touring strictly on the back of his own material- a lengthy solo career attests to that. But Paul Simon is currently deeply engaged with his compatriot, Sting. The pair performs onstage together for the majority of songs in the setlist. This is a head scratcher given the pair’s distinctive vocal styles and opposing genres of choice.

Fans can expect to see both men performing together on stage and participating in each other’s songs. The pairing brings fans a folkier version of Police tracks and more synthetically powered versions of Simon & Garfunkel and Paul Simon solo songs.

This crossover is invigorating, if not a bit cumbersome for fans looking for a more straightforward show.  A typical Paul Simon show is awash in some genre-blurring and the impertinent presence of the Police frontman.

Is it true there is a 14 piece orchestrated backing band?

Yes, but they are not fully present in every single song on the set. A few acoustic tracks pop up, and every once in a while one of the main men will take a step back, allowing the other to take over with the orchestra present.

How long is a Paul Simon concert?

Because Simon is sharing the stage with Sting and their catalog is so vast and revered, a typical Paul Simon show reaches close to three hours. The earliest dates on the tour clocked in at 2 hours and 45 minutes, with a double encore to pad the set up. The set has a steady flow where Paul Simon takes center stage for a few tracks, followed by Sting’s own solo renditions.

How do I get access to presale tickets for Paul Simon’s tour?

Presale tickets are not easy to come by. American Express is offering presale tickets for the 2014 Paul Simon and Sting tour dates, but they will not come cheap. Individuals will need to act fast, specifically 48 hours prior to the public onsale. Individuals will also need an American Express card to make the purchase, as well as an account with their Amex service. A TicketMaster account is also required. You will need to act immediately to grab tickets, for there are no plans to extend the tour outside the already announced dates.

Who is Paul Simons publicist?

Paul Simon currently works with Rob Light of the Creative Artists Agency. He does not have a public email contact personally, but he can be reached at 424-288-2000.

Concert Reviews

“The interaction between [Simon and Sting] with apparently little in common other than their lengthy pedigrees as hitmakers over several decades was among the most anticipated and fascinating attractions of the concert. The night’s central revelation was just how good Sting sounded as a harmony vocalist, his reedy voice blending beautifully with Simon’s more delicate, workmanlike phrasing.” – Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune 

“Paul Simon walked on stage with an acoustic guitar and started working the opening chords to “The Sound Of Silence.” It was the first encore of his sold out show Saturday April 23rd at the Pechanga Theater in Temecula, California, and it was the defining moment of the evening. Sung in hushed tones, the breathtaking classic was a line-by-line testament to the depth and talent of Paul Simon the poet.” – Rick Ostop of San Diego Rock and Roll

“Simon delivered an alternately beautiful and boisterous show drenched in the world music he’s become so associated with – but without forgetting that America is part of that world. Along with the African rhythms and island rhythms were doses or dollops of blues, country, gospel, soul, New York coffeehouse, pure pop, even an Elvis cover. It was a heady brew.”- Erik Pederson of the Hollywood Reporter

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