Mike Doughty Takes Soul Coughing Catalog on Tour

Mike Doughty has just confirmed a tour of epic proportions this fall, covering 32 cities over a period of 5 weeks, kicking off on October 16th in Teaneck, New Jersey and zig-zagging across the country, before coming full circle back to the East Coast to finish up in New York City’s Webster Hall on November 23rd.

The tour will feature the singer-songwriter and a backing band reanimating the corpses of Soul Coughing’s back catalog from his album of said band’s reimagined tracks. No doubt more things with ‘re-’ as a prefix will happen too.

The new album is scheduled for release on September 17th of this year via Doughty’s own imprint Snack Bar, and Megaforce Records.

The tour marks a significant milestone for Doughty, who had previously refused to play any Soul Coughing songs on solo tours.

In revisiting his old songs, Doughty claimed he had wanted to understand and recreate his creative process at the time of writing them, and recorded with hip-hop/dance producer Good Goose in order to recapture his then-fascination with New York house and hip-hop and bassist Catherine Popper, who’s worked with Willie Nelson and Jack White, in order to revisit his anti-folk roots.

In his own words and in relation to his 2012 memoir, “The Book of Drugs”:

“My memoir was a big fat ball of darkness. I found myself wanting to figure out who I was, where I was, and what I meant when I wrote the Soul Coughing songs. I want to find what I love in them.”

Doughty’s nostalgia-fest of an album is called Circles Super Bon Bon Sleepless How Many Cans?, which is literally just a list of the song titles which feature on said album which, I think we can all agree, is a marvellous solution to the age-old ‘I can’t come up with a good name for my album’ problem. Brilliant.