Leonard Cohen Reveals First Dates of 2012 World Tour

Leonard Cohen has announced the first dates of an upcoming Old Ideas World Tour 2012.

The initial slew of dates are exclusively in Europe, but a press release posted to Cohen’s official website promises “Leonard will return to North America this Fall, details to be announced soon.”

Cohen will kick things off with two performances in Ghent, Belguim on August 12 and August 14, and the European leg is currently scheduled to run through October 7 when the singer visits Lisbon, Portugal.

The legendary singer-songwriter abstained from touring for 15 years in the 1990s and 2000s, but made his return to the stage in May of 2008 and played almost 250 shows around the world over the next year and a half.

After that widely acclaimed tour concluded in December 2010, Cohen went to work with producer Patrick Leonard in the studio. Those sessions turned into Cohen’s most recent album, Old Ideas, which was released in January of this year. The set of songs debuted at number three on the Billboard 200 albums chart, and marked the highest position of any album of Cohen’s long career.

The 77-year-old-Cohen has acknowledged that part of the reason for his return to touring was that most of his savings were wiped out during a dispute with a former manager. Early this year, he spoke to Rolling Stone about that incident, as well as his overall thoughts on touring.

“I was able to restore my tiny fortune within a year or so,” he told the magazine. “But I kept on touring.”

Elsewhere in the interviewed his previewed this tour, through he seemed to have doubts at the time.

“A tour is being booked,” he said, “I haven’t signed up for it yet. I have two minds [about touring]. I don’t like to do a small tour, so whether I’m going to sign up for another couple of years… is that really where I want to be? Touring is like taking the first step on a walk to China.”