Lady Gaga 99 Cent Album Sale Crashes Amazon’s Servers

Downloads of “Born This Way,” the latest full length album from Lady Gaga, are being offered today (March 23) via the MP3 service of for 99 cents. It appears this morning that the normally bullet proof servers of Amazon weren’t able to handle the overwhelming demand.

On Monday morning, downloading just three tracks off the album took over 20 minutes, while the rest of the album wasn’t downloading at all. In the MP3 version comment section on for the new album from Gaga, there were many complaints from customers about failed or slow downloads.

Amazon promised in a Tweet that fans who ordered the download today will be receiving the download at the 99 cent price. However, they didn’t indicate when they would be able to get the problems solved.

The Tweet from Amazon said, currently we are experiencing very high volumes. Orders completed today will get Lady Gaga’s full album for only $.99. Thank you for your patience.

The album download of “Born This Way” on Amazon includes a digital booklet in addition to 20 GB worth of Amazon Cloud Drive storage. The service was recently launched by Amazon and allows users to stream and upload their music off of the internet and onto their Android cell phones. Today, Google announce plans for launching a Cloud service similar to Amazon’s. It appears Amazon is using the album from Gaga as an opportunity for gaining a leg up from their competitor to be.

On Monday, the “Born This Way” version that was selling for 99 cents on Amazon, had a sales price of $11.99 at iTunes.