Kenny Chesney Takes 2010 Off from Touring

Kenny Chesney is one of the hardest road men in music. He’s been touring solid since 2004, and evidently that toll has been wearing on him of late. Chesney announced that no major tour would be scheduled for the summer of 2010. He relayed the information to Entertainment Weekly before his September 19 show in Indianapolis, marking the final stop on the 2009 Kenny Chesney tour.

He would say exactly what incident triggered the decision, but did say he had an eye opening conversation with Bruce Springsteen. “He said, ‘Kenny, you can write half a song on a piece of paper, and you can put that piece of paper away in a drawer for five years, and you can go back to it, and that song will still be there. But life isn’t like that. And whatever you’re doing, don’t miss your life, too.’” Chesney said he would be focusing more on quality time with friends and family. Getting some time in the recording studio will definitely still be in the mix, and he wouldn’t rule out the sporadic one shot shows from time-to-time.