John Mellencamp Lining Up Massive 2014 Concert Tour

John Mellencamp has had a relatively quiet 2013, but a new interview with Rolling Stone magazine suggests that he’s got big (very big, ‘humongous’, you might say) plans for 2014 with 85 (no, really) new songs and plans for a massive tour.

“I just signed with Universal,” he tells Rolling Stone. “So I’m back on a major label. I’ve got a notebook with 85 new songs that I’ve written for my next record. T Bone Burnett is going to come out to Indiana sometime in early January and we’re gonna go into the studio for however long it takes to make a new album. I haven’t done one in five years.”

And, in spite of, apparently, having enough songs for seven new albums, Mellencamp says he keeps finding himself writing more, as though he’s possessed by some kind of benevolent musical demon.

“Sometimes it surprises me,” he says. “The other night I woke at 4:30 AM and I had to get out of bed to write this song. I didn’t wanna do it. I was like, ‘No! Not fucking’ now! I wanna sleep!’ But I had to get up and write this song. It came out all at once. There wasn’t any head-scratching involved. It was just there, totally complete.”

Once the next album is done, Mellencamp says he wants to follow it up with a mega world tour. (Then again, ask yourself: is there any other kind of world tour?)

“I want to do one hundred shows in the United States and Canada,” he says. “Then I’ll deal with the rest of the world later. I want to play places I haven’t played since the 1980s. I want to go to Hays, Kansas and Youngstown, Ohio. In the 1990s I kept playing these same fuckin’ sheds and arenas. It was a drag. I’d walk in and realize I’d been in the dressing room fifty times before.”

In the meantime, Mellencamp is gearing up for the release of John Mellencamp 1978 – 2012, which comes out, literally, tomorrow and contains his nineteen studio albums from that time period with bonus tracks and remastered sound.