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John Mayer Rod Laver Arena
Melbourne, VIC

John Mayer Allphones Arena
Sydney, NSW

John Mayer Vector Arena
Auckland, AU

John Mayer O2 Arena – London
London, GL

John Mayer Ravinia Pavilion
Highland Park, IL

Frequently Asked Questions

What songs will John Mayer play in concert?
John Mayer’s 2006 record, Continuum, is often considered his magnum opus. So it should come as little surprise to see that record’s biggest hit, “Gravity,” close the majority of sets.

The 2009 album, Battle Studies, is woefully underrepresented in his current setlist. After accounting for poor critical reviews of the album as well as the current big promotional push and presence of his 2013 album, Paradise Valley, it is not exactly surprising. The albums most popular song, “Heartbreak Warfare,” only appears on the setlist infrequently.

John Mayer gained a lot of attention with his cover of Tom Petty’s extremely popular single, “Free Fallin.” Interestingly, Mayer has not included this on the setlist as often as fans might like. He replaces it with a cover of another Petty song, “You Don’t Know How It Feels.” It is substantially less popular, and an odd choice to say the least.

Mayer did not tour for a year following the modestly popular 2012 record, Born and Raised. This was due to a growth on his vocal cords. So Mayer represents this album generously on his 2014 tour. He plays Born and Raised opening track “Queen of California,” which appropriately opens up the show. Other tracks include “Speak for Me” and the top-40 pop inspired “Something Like Olivia.”

He also brings out quite a high quantity of tracks from Paradise Valley, his latest release. This includes opening track “Wildfire” and the bluesy ballad “Dear Marie.”

Queen of California
Half of My Heart
I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)
Why Georgia
Who Says
Speak for Me
You Don’t Know How It Feels
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
Drifting Blues
Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967
Something Like Olivia
Off The Wall
Waiting on the World to Change
If I Ever Get Around to Living
The Age of Worry
Dear Marie
Who You Love

Are there any big setlist surprises I should be aware of?
There is something omitted from his last few setlists which could upset fans. Mayer’s breakthrough massive single, “Your Body is a Wonderland” has been mysteriously absent. If this was not enough, he also leaves behind Room for Squares lead single, “No Such Thing.” This is suggestive of a break away from those friendly and harmless pop ditties he based his career on, and forging into a more into the country/jam sound he has embraced in recent years.

But it gets worse for fans of his debut pop albums. His sophomore album, Heavier Things, is almost entirely ignored in his recent sets. All three big singles from that record, “Clarity,” “Bigger Than My Body,” and “Daughters” are suspiciously absent from his recent setlists. It would make sense if these songs were not some of his highest charting and most played singles to date.

How long is a John Mayer concert?
Mayer does not overstay his welcome, but he does embrace his jam-oriented side with extensive guitar solos and improvised passages. This keeps the setlist dynamic, but it often falls between 90-110 minutes.

Does John Mayer allow recording at his concerts?
While most artists strongly discourage individuals from recording a set in any extended duration to the point of escorting you out of the venue, John Mayer embraces it. Recording devices are allowed, and audio taping is a common thing to see at a Mayer show. He also legally allows for non-commercial copying and trading of his live shows, which is quite unusual.

Who is John Mayer’s publicist and how can I reach him?
For publicity matters, John Mayer has long been represented by Ken Sunshine. He is part of Ken Sunshine Consultants. He can be most easily reached via email.

How do I get access to presale tickets for John Mayer’s tour?
John Mayer infamously decried all paper tickets and presales for his tours post-2012. Unfortunately, this policy still stands. Amex has no presales available for Mayer’s 2014 tour, and the fan club is suspiciously quiet about any presale ticketing.

It seems one of the only presale options for fans is through the Citi Private Pass option. It is only available for a select few shows, so only show not listed here are up for the public onsale exclusively.

Concert Reviews

“I’d be hard pressed to say I’ve seen an artist be more honest or heartfelt during a performance. John came into this evening with no strings attached, playing with all the love and passion that he had when he was maxing out credit cards during those days as a starving artist. I have no qualms saying that this was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to.” - Mark Runyon of

“C’mon people, no one goes an arena wanting to hear Mayer play the piano. He’s a guitar hero. On Saturday, he played some blistering blues-rock on his Stratocaster, some nifty jazzy passages on his acoustic guitar and some trippy Jerry Garcia-like country/jazz/psychedelic passages. He even played an electric guitar behind his back while an acoustic guitar was strapped in front of him!” – Jon Bream of the Star Tribune

“But if Mayer was moderating his most valuable impulses, at least that sense of restraint paid off in several beautifully compact guitar solos, most memorably the tense, fuzzed-out one he played in his song “Gravity.” Like Mayer himself, the solo didn’t go on for as long as it might have. But it carried plenty of force.” – Mikael Wood of the Los Angeles Times

“It’s been three years, the return of a throat granuloma and a murder of tabloid headlines since John Mayer’s last tour. But you wouldn’t have known it from his performance Wednesday, October 2, at Ak-Chin Pavilion in Phoenix, where, with two album’s worth of new material in tow (2012’s “Born and Raised” and 2013’s “Paradise Valley”), Mayer crafted a fitting soundtrack for what may have been the Valley’s first truly beautiful night of the fall.” - Barbara VanDenburgh of Arizona Central

Tour Archive

Born and Raised (2013)
Tour Opening Acts: Phillip Phillips
Started April 25, 2013 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama | Ended December 17, 2013 in Brooklyn, New York

Battle Studies Tour (2009/2010)
Tour Opening Acts: Pat Monahan, Brad Mehldau, Owl City, Michael Franti and Speahead
Started November 17, 2009 in New York City, New York | Ended September 11, 2010 in West Palm Beach, Florida

A Continuum Winter (2007)
Tour Opening Acts: OneRepublic
Started January 25, 2007 in Jacksonville, Florida | Ended February 28, 2007 in New York City, New York

A Continuum Summer (2006)
Tour Opening Acts: Ben Folds
Started June 1, 2006 in Ridgefield, Washington | Ended August 8, 2006 in West Palm Beach, Florida

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