Infographic: At Concerts, How Loud Is Too Loud?

In today’s public service announcement, please protect your ears. They’re the only two you’ve got and as Baz Luhrmann would say you’ll miss them when they are gone. I know you’ve walked out of many a concert and couldn’t hear yourself speak. You crash in the bed only to wake up the following morning to discover a dull ringing in your ears. Yeah that’s the tell tale sign of permanent damage you’re inflicting on your ol’ ear drums.

Concerts can pump out the chaos at up to 130 decibels (thanks AC/DC). I don’t know why they take the speakers to eleven, but even your mellow favorites like Norah Jones can’t resist cranking up the amps. In fact, 60 percent of the artists in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame have impaired hearing. We found this nifty infographic from Sonic Electronix that profiles hearing loss pretty nicely. Think of compounding that damage by the number of concerts you’ll go to in your lifetime. Do your ears a favor. Buy a pair of ear plugs, and keep them handy in your glovebox for all the shows you attend.

As someone who frequently stands beside the amps in the photo pit, these bits of foam are life savers. I wouldn’t cover a concert without them. You miss none of the music. It just dampens the sound to the point where its actually bearable. If your friends razz you, just think you’ll be able to hear your grandchildren someday while they’re fumbling around for their hearing aids. Stepping off my soap box now.

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Courtesy of Sonic Electronix

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