Green Day Sifts Through ‘Ton of New Songs’ for Upcoming Album

Green Day has prepared tons of new songs that will appear on the band’s forthcoming ninth studio album.

Billie Joe Armstrong, songwriter and lead singer, says the new album from the punk rockers will have a high energy and fresh sound.

On his Twitter page Armstrong said, here’s the scoop, every day we have been jamming on new songs. We have tons of new songs that are high energy and have a fresh direction. It feels great.

Armstrong also said that his band mates, drummer Tre Cool and bassist Mike Dirnt are having a great time laying tracks down for their new album.

He added, I can’t give too much away. However just know me, Tre, Mike and Jason are having a great time playing and collaborating on music. No bull.

Recently “American Idiot,” the musical based on the band’s concept album with the same name, closed on Broadway. However Armstrong said he was very proud with the way the musical moved people.

It moves people, he said. I think for the same reason that you want to watch a band performing live. The record comes to life, it’s a story, it is right in your face.

“American Idiot” does that. It does that in the music as well as onstage.