Fleetwood Mac, Eagles Plotting Summer Tour?

Will Stevie Nicks and Don Henley share the limelight and stage, as the rumored Fleetwood Mac and Eagles co-headlining tour of classic rock appears to be close to being official? With Nicks and Henley as the most recognizable faces and names from their respective rock super groups of the 1970s, the pair also share a history which is both well publicized as well as shrouded in mystery.

The hardest aspect probably for putting a concert tour together like this one isn’t the logistics of it all. Although logistics can be challenging, the toughest obstacle in this case could be the various egos who are involved. Which band is the biggest? Is it Fleetwood Mac or the Eagles? Who will be closing the show out? Will there be more Fleetwood Mac or Eagle fans coming to the shows? How will all this affect the dynamics between the major principals from the two groups?

Then throw into the mix that Stevie Nicks and Don Henley had a love affair that was on and off again during the late ’70s to early ’80s. Now the situation is even more complicated. Although the pair are much older at this point, old romances are quite often hardwired into people’s psyches. To make things even more complicated, Nicks was also involved with three other participants from the proposed mega concert tour: Mick Fleetwood and Lindsay Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac as well as Joe Walsh of the Eagles.

If that wasn’t enough for the makings of a potentially very tense situation, there’s an additional issue from the past as well. During an interview with GQ Magazine in the early ’90s, Don Henley said he thought that Nicks had become pregnant from him and then had an abortion, naming the unborn baby Sara. Henley said that he thought Nicks had written “Sara,” one of the most famous of her songs and dedicated the tune to the love child sired by Henley that never was.

In later years, Nicks made it quite clear that she was very unhappy over the statements made by Henley. She didn’t ever deny that she had been pregnant with a child of Henley’s, however she was quite unhappy that Henley had shared that during an interview given to a national magazine.

Over the years it does appear that Nicks and Henley patched things up to a certain extent. In recent years the pair have performed together on stage. The most notable of the appearances being during a mini tour that did not include Fleetwood or the Eagles, where they performed alone as well as together.

Although Nicks and Henley both become solo stars, neither were ever as big as solo artists as they were when they were members of Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles, respectively. So although the small solo tour including the King and Queen from 1970′s rock seemed to go well, a pairing of Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles would garner much more attention and have higher stakes.

There’s been plenty of internal drama in both groups. However if they were brought together in order to sell out baseball and football stadiums all over the country, it could be quite interesting to watch the on stage dynamics, if they do end up performing together, as well as any off stage drama potentially leaking out to the public.

Although Nicks and Henley are both true professionals, as well as both nearly senior citizens, it’s unlikely there would be real dirty laundry exposed. Henley, for his part, is a married man. However if once again any of the interpersonal relationships should get complicated or emotional, it will be quite intriguing to see how that could affect the product performed on stage as well as the tour.