Chimaira Take ‘Crown of Phantoms’ to the Masses in July

Chimaira has announced a new headlining tour starting late next month to support its upcoming new album.

Both the tour and the album have been dubbed “Crown of Phantoms,” and the group will kick things off at the Empire in Springfield, Va. on July 26. The tour will then run through an August 25 show at Peabody’s in Cleveland, and in between also will hit Orlando, Houston, Dallas, San Diego, Seattle, Denver, Des Moines, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Boston and Toronto, among other cities.

The new album is the sixth studio album from the band and is due out on July 30. The record is the first since 2011’s The Age of Hell. At this point, vocalist Mark Hunter is the only remaining original member of the group. Emil Werstler, who has been in the band since 2009, moved from rhythm to lead guitar for this new record. Hunter talked in a statement about the changes in the band.

“Assembling the right team was essential to creating what I feel is some of the craziest and most passionate music I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of,” he said in the release. “The past defines us while the present refines us.”

“All That’s Left is Blood” was released as a single about a month ago, and Hunter released a statement on that song at the time of it release, as well.

“‘All That’s Left Is Blood’ is an exercise in musical evisceration,” he said. “One almost feels guilty for screaming along to such audio violence. Here, [Emil] Werstler’s soloing lays a daring fluidity over the riot-inciting main riff. It’s immediately recognizable as being another classic Chimaira track, trademarked territory yet radical with growth.”

The Cleveland, Ohio metal band first formed in the late 1990s, and have gone through nearly as many changes to their sound as they have members.