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Beyonce is Exactly What Feminism Doesn’t Need

Beyonce is a woman who is unrivaled in the 21st Century in her fame and prestige. The Chief Executive Officer of World Pop Culture Ltd. Well, perhaps she shares this in part with her husband and co-icon Shaun Carter aka. Jay Z, another of the world’s rare popular titans. But when it comes to girl-town

Music Fans Who Consider Themselves Above All Others

We all know them. The ones who would scoff at the sight of a Rihanna album on your iPod. Those who giggle at the quantities of GaGa in your most-played. Those judgmental, high-minded fuckers who rally against the evils of pop music like they’d just heard Hitler started a band. I think I should say

Riot Grrrls And Their Unfinished Mission In Music

When the Riot Grrrls appeared on the scene in the early nineties, they like other punks before them, arrived with music that was laced with a fiery passion to change things. Although unlike their predecessors, whose political anger had attached itself to left-wing politics, anarchist rebellion and other non-gender specific causes, Riot Grrrl was the

What Independence Might Mean for the Scottish Music Industry?

Scotland is a country that has found itself in the limelight these recent months. With the country’s hosting of the Commonwealth Games having only just finished and a referendum on independence (from the rest of the UK) due in September: the nation is enjoying it’s rare moment to step out on it’s own and out

What Is The ‘Fair Digital Deals Declaration’ Put Out By Indie Labels?

In response to the growing nefarious influence of companies like YouTube and Spotify on the independent music sector, the Worldwide Independent Network (an international pressure group representing the interests of independent labels) has drawn up a ‘Fair Digital Deals Declaration’ in response to the un-level playing field in the ‘distribution of recordings in digital services’.

Top 10 Jobs for Music Addicts

So, if you’re on this site, it’s a pretty safe bet that you like the whole music fiasco, right? I’d venture to guess that you’re A bit of A fan at this stage. And, whether you like to relax with a few records at the end of the day or hit the clubs in fluorescent