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Queen Set to Tour North America with Adam Lambert

Queen Set to Tour North America with Adam Lambert

Rock legends Queen and singer Adam Lambert have announced that they’re set to embark on a joint 19-date concert tour starting June 19th in Chicago.

Original Queen band members Brian May and Roger Taylor will be accompanying Lambert on the tour.

After opening night, Queen and Lambert will hit several towns across Canada and the United States at arenas in Toronto, Los Angeles, Detroit and New York, among others, before wrapping up on July 20th in Washington, D.C.

On July 5th and 6th, the band will head to Las Vegas, where they “stole the show” at last year’s iHeartRadio Music Festival. They first performed together in May 2009 on an episode of “American Idol” (Lambert was the runner-up on the show’s eighth season). They also played the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards along with several dates in Russia, Ukraine, Poland and London.

“Queen is one of the quintessential rock bands of all time. They’ve influenced bands for years to come,” Lambert said Thursday morning during an appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

In a press release, May made some dangerous suggestions that this could well be the last time North America would be able tol see Queen live, saying “Let’s rock those beautiful arenas JUST ONE MORE TIME!” Lambert called the tour “beautifully surreal” and promised that he would aim to honor the memory of original frontman Freddie Mercury, who died in 1991.

“I’m honored to be able to pay my respects to Freddie‘s memory; he’s a personal hero of mine, and I am deeply grateful for the chance to sing such powerful music for fans of this legendary band.I know this tour will be a huge milestone for me, and with the support of Brian, Roger and the rest of the band, I feel like magic will be on display.”

Adam Lambert Rumored as ‘American Idol’ Judge to Replace Randy Jackson

Adam Lambert Rumored as ‘American Idol’ Judge to Replace Randy Jackson

It looks like their may be some major shake ups in the “American Idol” judges table when season 12 premieres, and Adam Lambert may be joining the show as a judge.

Rumors that Lambert may join the show started when E! News quoted an anonymous source on the topic.

“They have been talking about Adam for over a month,” the source said. “He personifies the show, and will be a popular choice right from the start. He knows what it’s like to be on the receiving ends of the judges’ comments, he has a human touch, and they know they can’t go wrong if they bring him on. He would be able to bring a unique perspective to the show.”

But Lambert said in a statement released to the Hollywood Reporter that he has not been any talks with the Fox Network as of yet, though he would be interested.

“‘Idol’ has an amazing history of introducing great musical talent, and I was very fortunate to have had the ‘Idol’ stage play a big part in my career,” Lambert said in the statement. “If ‘Idol’ wants to talk to me about judging, I’d be more than flattered to have that conversation.”

Lambert finished second place on “American Idol” in 2009.

Of course, if Lambert were to join the judges table, that would likely mean that at least one of the current three judges would not be returning. None of the three current judges – Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez – have yet signed on to another season, and all seem to be up in the air about whether they will return.

“Randy is great, but he’s part of the old ‘Idol,’” E!’s source said. “They want to keep the soul of the show but have a new look, and for that reason he may well not be part of the new line up.”

A source for Tyler said that the Aerosmith frontman’s future is “all up in the air,” and Jennifer Lopez told Ellen Degeneres recently that, “I don’t know if I can go for a third year. I miss doing other things.”

Album Review: Adam Lambert ‘Trespassing’

Album Review: Adam Lambert ‘Trespassing’

It’s easy enough to pass Adam Lambert off as a cookie-cutter pop star, fully equipped with all of the forced attitude it takes to convince a 13-year-old that he can be their bad boy messiah. After all, with his rise coming through an institution as ubiquitous with the campy and overdone as American Idol, dismissiveness is not an entirely unfounded default stance to take.

However, his reality TV journey is as far as one need look to notice that there is at least something different about Adam. He stood out on the show–which is, admittedly, not a monumental achievement–not only for his look and attitude, but for his talent. There was definitely something there that set him apart from the other contestants.

It’s not completely clear whether Adam Lambert has been able realize his assumed potential, or yet rise above doing exactly what anyone would expect of him. The first half of Trespassing is bubblegum pop with an edge about as sharp as a knife held the wrong way around, and the second act is so loaded with excessive ballads that they seem to lose their grip–though they are sung beautifully.

But maybe this is the real Adam. He doesn’t have to be a rock god, and he really shines as a dance icon on this record, before losing the plot somewhat in the album’s latter half. Fans of Glambert may expect a little more rock and roll than they get here, but there is no reason to believe that this is anything other than precisely the music he wants to make.

And in fact, it is the rock side of him which seems to falter here, though not terribly. His voice is great for rock and roll, but those elements are shoehorned into these songs with exactly the same level of care given to hiphop and dubstep, which is to say not very much, and they are present in approximately equal parts. It comes across as a gimmick added to pop rather than a base of strength from which to project himself. He probably had to include it, but it probably wasn’t needed.

There is an apparent need for Trespassing to build and stress a bad boy image in its lyrical content. Obscenity is thrown in haplessly and sounds a little awkward, serving no purpose but to potentially raise his credibility with people who won’t listen to the record in any case. This album isn’t going to reach any further than his already adoring fans for this specific reason, but some of the swagger that comes with it is likely to be much more effective.

For every moment that seems a bit out of place or contrived, there is a sexiness which hits the target perfectly. Adam exudes confidence throughout, and come the day that he does break free of all expectations he really stands to be a force. He’s not quite at that point yet, but he’s surely making great, big strides.

One negative result of this approach to song creation is that there isn’t a whole lot of breathing room in which the songs can exist as their own entities. The need to include a host of elements both musically and in terms of his image in every single song tends to result in an album that is extremely sameish from track to track. One potential standout is ‘Kickin’ In’, but we’re grading on a curve here and it’s only going to qualify as different in relation to the complete hegemony of the other 13 songs on this record.

Still, this is very strong as a club record, and Adam’s confidence in performing this sort of music is plainly clear. There is a palpable difference between this and his debut, For Your Entertainment, which seems to come down to a sense of command over the music as much as a shift in approach. He has it with dance music, perhaps more than with rock, and in his best moments here he is dominating.

The second part of the album is fairly forgettable, but judged on its first half, it is a great volley of club hits, albeit still catering to a slightly younger crowd than most clubs would let in. It would be equally at home on ABC Spark or in a gay bar, and while not completely appropriate for either, it works. For the niche that it hits it is a fantastic, glitzy party, and a sign that Adam Lambert has found his direction.

Adam Lambert, Queen Show Finds New Life at London’s Hammersmith

Adam Lambert, Queen Show Finds New Life at London’s Hammersmith

After appearing with the surviving members of the band a twice in the past couple of years, it’s long been rumored that former “American Idol” contestant Adam Lambert will join Queen for some upcoming tour dates, and now those rumors have been confirmed.

Though it won’t be a full-fledge tour, the group’s drummer Roger Taylor has announced a handful of dates featuring Lambert, including two at London’s Hammersmith Apollo. These are in part to make up for a cancelled Sonishphere gig the group was originally scheduled to play in the U.K.

Though the dates are scheduled for early July, further details have not yet been announced. The band also will play June 30 in Moscow. There are four planned shows in all, though there have not been any more details revealed.

Taylor recently talked to Billboard about his excitement about the shows.

“We’re really excited about it,” Taylor tells the magazine. “Adam… of course he has this unbelievable range, like Freddie (Mercury) had range. Adam can real cover it. He’s an extraordinary singer and a real talent. I feel he fits into our sort of theatricality.”

Taylor went on to say that he had been approached about being a part of the closing ceremonies at this year’s Summer Olympic, which will be held in London. However, he remained mum about the details.

“I don’t think we’re meant to say too much about it yet,” he said.

And that’s not all of the Queen news for the year. Taylor also has organized the Queen Extravaganza, which is a touring Queen tribute that hit the road later this May.

The touring group will feature four vocalists and five musicians, all of which were found during a worldwide online search. The tour will hit most regions of North America, starting in Quebec on May 26 and continuing through July 3, when the Extravaganza performs in  Edmonton. Other dates include Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston, Dallas and Los Angeles.

Adam Lambert Expands Glam Nation Tour with New Dates

Adam Lambert, after selling out in markets across the country, has expanded his summer concert plans. The former runner-up of “American Idol” has added over two dozen dates to his “Glam Nation Tour” since May when onsales started. The entire concert count is now almost 70.

Some of the new dates added to Lambert’s calendar include shows in Nashville, TN at Ryman Auditorium on July 7; in Providence RI at the Lupo Heartbreak Hotel on August 17; in Indianapolis, IN at the Clowes Memorial Hall on August 31; and in Atlanta, GA at the Woodruff Arts Center on September 14.

Officially “Glam Nation Tour” launched in June. It is almost ten dates into the run. The tour of Lambert’s includes support from Allison Iraheta, fellow alum from “Idol” and Orianthi. The outing continues in Hammond, IN at the Horseshoe Casino on June 17.

Over the weekend of June 18-19 public onsales will start for the new tour dates. Many of the tour’s earlier dates are already available. A majority of ticket faces values range from $30 to $40, however according to some market prices go as high as $60.

In several markets the summer tour of Lambert’s has proven to be quite successful. According to reports from the venues, among the several sold-out shows are in Baltimore MD at Rams Head Live on June 27; in Knoxville, TN at Tennessee Theatre on July 6; and in St. Louis, MO at The Pageant on August 8.

The selling power of “Glam Nation Tour” also has proven itself in some of the large U.S. markets, in particular a sell-out on June 22 in New York City at Nokia Theatre. The singer added an extra show for June 23 and it sold out very quickly as well. Out West, a July 23 sold out show in San Francisco at Warfield Theatre resulted in a second show being added for July 25, which also sold out.

Lambert, in a recent USA Today interview, credited the success of his tour to the connection he makes with his audience and his fans’ dedication, who have followed Lambert ever since “American Idol’s” 2009 season.

Lambert said, for this tour I have really focused on the performance’s spiritual quality. When you really are connected with your audience something very special happens. My fans are very passionate and dedicated with what I do. The show was built for my fans.

Adam Lambert Takes to the Road on First Solo Tour

This summer, Adam Lambert will be embarking on his first US headlining tour ever as he continues to support “For Your Entertainment,” his debut album from last fall.

After a few performances in May for radio station major market events, Lambert will launch his “Glam Nation” in Wilkes-Barre PA on June 4. The outing of 19 cities will consist of casino and theater stops across the country will be wrapping up in Saint Petersburg FL on September 18. Additional shows will be announced at a later date.

Opening support will be provided by Allison Iraheta, fellow former “Idol” contestant, along with Orianthi, Australian songwriter/singer, who will perform during most of the shows as well.

Tickets for some of the shows are currently available through Ticketmaster.

Lambert in November released “For Your Entertainment,” his debut studio set, on RCA Records. His album debuted on Billboard’s 200 chart debuted in the No. 3 spot, featuring songs written by a number of guest writers. “Whatchya Want From Me” was written by Pink, “A Loaded Smile” by Linda Perry and “Fever” by Lady Gaga among other writers.

“Whatchya Want From Me,” the second single from the album, made waves on multiple Billboard charts. Currently it is in the No. 8 spot on Billboard’s Top Digital Songs chart as well as the No. 9 spot on the Adult Pop Songs chart. The song’s video currently is streaming on Lambert’s website.

2010 Adam Lambert Concert Tour
May 2010
15 – Los Angeles, CA – Staples Center
22 – Mansfield, MA – Comcast Center

June 2010
4 – Wilkes-Barre, PA – F.M. Kirby Center for the Performing Arts
5 – Sayreville, NJ – Starland Ballroom
6 – Fishkill, NY – Dutchess Stadium
8 – Toledo, OH – The Omni
10 – Council Bluffs, IA – Harrah’s Casino Stir Concert Cove
11 – Mahnomen, MN – Shooting Star Casino
12 – Prior Lake, MN – Mystic Lake Casino
14 – Columbus, OH – Lifestyle Communities Pavilion
15 – Milwaukee, WI – Riverside Theatre
17 – Hammond, IN – The Venue at Horseshoe Casino
18 – Royal Oak, MI – Royal Oak Music Theatre
19 – Toronto, Ontario – Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
22 – New York, NY – Nokia Theatre Times Square
24 – Mashantucket, CT – MGM Grand at Foxwoods
26 – Atlantic City, NJ – Borgata Hotel, Casino & Spa

July 2010
15 – Kansas City, MO – The Midland by AMC
28 – Costa Mesa, CA – Pacific Amphitheatre

August 2010
13 – Bethlehem, PA – Sands Riverplace

September 2010
18 – Saint Petersburg, FL – Tropicana Field

Lambert Says His First Headling Tour Planned for Spring 2010

Lambert Says His First Headling Tour Planned for Spring 2010

Adam Lambert told Entertainment Weekly that he has started to plan a tour. It will probably begin Spring 2010.

Lambert said, I think it will probably be in the springtime most likely. I have started to talk with management about us putting together something. I don’t think it will be one of those standard arena tours. We want to do something a little big different than that. The big goal that I have is wanting to create my show. I really want to be able to do something that is really visually dynamic. I want some that has more of an interactive feel to it that the typical arena tour does. We are looking at different venues. They will probably be somewhat smaller and more intimate.

On December 21 Adam will appear on NBC on Jay Leno’s show. And on December 31 he will be at Gridlock’s New Year’s Eve part in Los Angeles, CA at Paramount Studios.

ABC Blacklists Lambert for Controversial AMA Performance

ABC Blacklists Lambert for Controversial AMA Performance

Adam Lambert’s hits keep on coming, but not in the good way.

On Wednesday night on Twitter the runner up of American Idol confirmed that ABC had canceled another two performances of his.

Lambert tweeted that ABC had canceled his appearances on the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Dick Clark and on Jimmy Kimmel. But don’t blame them, he tweeted. It’s heat from the FCC.

Jimmy Kimmel Live doesn’t air until 12:00 am and the FCC doesn’t monitor programming that airs after 10 o’clock.

The cancellations have followed the controversial performance of Lambert’s two weeks ago at the American Music Awards. During the show he kissed one of the male musicians and simulated oral sex with female and male backup dancers.

Over 1,500 complaints were received by ABC. They canceled the appearance of Lambert on the Good Morning America show scheduled for the Wednesday following the show.

Lambert said he was still looking for something to do for New Year’s Eve. He also said he was going to be on Leno’s show. “The Jay Leno Show” is broadcast on NBC.

Adam tried to assured his fans, stating that it would all blow over.

Adam Lambert's GMA Performance Canceled

In the wake of his controversial ‘American Music Awards’ performance, Adam Lambert got dropped like a hot potato by the higher ups of ‘Good Morning America.’ The flap in question had Lambert simulating oral sex, bondage and kissing a male band member on the Award show. ABC said it received 1500 complaints from viewers of the AMA which was moderate but by no means extraordinary. ‘Good Morning America’s’ loss seemed to be ‘The Early Show’s’ gain as Lambert appeared to clear up any misconceptions that may have been flying around that moment. Lambert said that the act “came from more of an impromptu place” and that the moments in question weren’t rehearsed. “Sometimes I forget — ‘Oh, there’s a camera on. I come from the theater….I was looking out in the crowd and saw some of my favorite pop stars and thought–I want to let loose. And it just kinda got the best of me.”

Lambert seemed to deflect any effort to portray him as the tainter of America’s youth as he said Eninem and Janet Jackson also presented content of a very adult nature during the awards show. When asked if he was apologetic of his performance, he simply said “I’m not a babysitter, I’m a performer.” He did imply that there was an unstated double standard since he was a gay male. A similar routine by a female wouldn’t have raised as many collective eyebrows he said. The full interview from ‘The Early Show’ on CBS can be viewed below.

The American Idol runner-up’s debut album For Your Entertainment was released on November 23. Upcoming tour dates for 2010 are still forthcoming

Adam Lambert’s Sexually Charged AMA Performance Shocks Audience

Adam Lambert’s Sexually Charged AMA Performance Shocks Audience

In Adam Lambert’s first performance on television since the season finale of season eight’s American Idol, he aimed for the type of controversy Madonna and Britney Spears are more well known for generating. He completely stunned the Nokia Theatre audience in Los Angeles as well as millions of television viewers watch the live broadcast of the American Music Awards on ABC with his risqué version of the song ”For Your Entertainment.”

Lambert wasn’t dubbed the Wild Idol by Rolling Stone for nothing. Glambert most definitely delivered when it came to him promising a sexy performance. He closed the live show out by making out briefly with a male keyboardist, having simulated oral sex with a male dancer, and having a gigantic mirror prop so that the audience would be able to see their very own shocked faces while they watched. Producers were not informed in advance about the man on man kiss. According to Lambert the male musician that he kissed during the performance is straight.

Lambert also said that if portions of his performance are cut by ABC for the rebroadcast for the West Coast it would be discrimination.

The 2009 American Music Awards included performances from stars such as Rihanna, Eminem, Green Day, Alicia Keys, Jay-Z and Whitney Houston. However Lambert, the newcomer, was chosen to close the show out. His performance had been advertised to be eye popping as well as something that people would be talking about the next day.

Lambert, surrounded by a troop of dancers who were clad in gear that appeared to be Haus of Gaga inspired, strutted across the stage at Nokia Theatre, dragging some of the dancers, who were outfitted with S&M gear, by harnesses. He stop to caress others legs- both women and men. As Lambert’s band played the techno crunch from his For Your Entertainment single, he pranced around on stage clad in black leather while hitting all the high notes that are his signature. During the song’s bridge, Lambert sat on a chair beneath a female stripper who was on a pole. He then worked his way back along the stage as he sung, “do you like what you see? Let me entertain you until you scream,” with the song lyrics “can you handle what I’m about to do” sounding like they were directly challenging the audience.

In recent years stages at awards shows have been the scene of some of the more controversial and memorable performances. The headlines were stolen by Madonna and Britney Spears when they kissed during the MTV Video Music Awards in 2003. Madonna also turned heads that year when she humped the floor while performing “Like a Virgin.”

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