Bruce Springsteen Sends ‘Wrecking Ball’ Tour into 2014

The Boss has just announced that his Wrecking Ball Tour isn’t finishing any time soon, after rumors that it would continue forever circulating the cyberweb for the last few weeks were fueled by the occurrence of an accidental annoncement-hasty deletion-screencapture process.

Here’s what’s happened, exactly, because it’s all a bit confusing:

1. Last week, Springsteen said that his four-city South American tour would signify the end of the Wrecking Ball tour as we know it.

2. Australian radio station Triple M posted six new Australian dates scheduled for February.

3. Then, the post was removed quickly and Springsteen kept quiet for a bit.

4. Then screencaptures emerged.

(On a tangentially-related note, I like to imagine that screencaps are all done by one person with an extensive RSS feed aggregator, so thank-you: screencap guy, wherever you are.)

5. Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band have announced (officially) that they’re heading to Australia and New Zealand in 2014 for a string of seven new Wrecking Ball dates.

The tour kicks off on February 7th in Perth, and finishes up in Auckland, New Zealand on March 1st 2014.

Springsteen’s manager said the plans have been in place for ages:

“From the moment we finished the second show at Hanging Rock on March 31st, we have been working on a plan to return next year. Among other things, we wanted to expand the number of places we play to include the Hunter Valley, Perth and Adelaide, with a trip to Auckland, as well. Those venues are in addition to the new dates in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. In other words, this will be our most far reaching tour of Australasia ever – and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band are planning to make it their finest.”

Australasia, you’re a very lucky bunch of people.

  • JJ

    The announcement does not indicate that it is a continuation of the
    Wrecking Ball tour. Careful what you write. I suspect there is new music
    on the way, since Tom Morello recorded w/ the band this past March in
    Australia and will be joining the E Streeters next year down under.