Bruce Springsteen to Offer Concert Downloads on Upcoming Tour?

Fans of Bruce Springsteen (aka everyone in the world ever) have more than just The Boss’ new album to look forward to right now – indeed, according to the iconic musician’s manager, fans may be able to download entire live recordings of Springsteen’s concerts as soon as next month.

In a report by E Street Radio, the manager is said to have confirmed that “active discussions are ongoing and in the logistics phase,” and the hope is to have said logistics in place this month, when The Boss begins his tours of South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Of course – offering downloads of live concerts is nothing new for the music industry – Pearl Jam have been doing it for around fifteen years, but it’s fair to say that Springsteen may command some significant interest by offering this to his fans.

Recordings of Springsteen’s legendary sets have remained incredibly popular online, and the man’s management have been lenient – allowing such videos to stay available to casual browsers such as yourself. Until this point, however, they had seemed reluctant to release anything officially. Obviously, though, if there’s anything to these claims from Springsteen’s management, that is all about to change.

In the meantime, Springsteen will be releasing his 18th studio album (woah!) tomorrow (woah!) High Hopes will, of course, feature the E Street Band, as well as Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello. The album represents a first for The Boss, believe or not, comprising entirely of covers, and re-imaginings, and other words with ‘re’ as a prefix. Thus far, the critical reception has been pretty amazing, though, that could just be because he is Bruce Springsteen and needn’t prove himself any longer and thus deserves acclaim in and of himself alone. Only one way to find out.