Brief Delay Proves Life Saving for Sugarland

Sugarland says their tour manager saved them, following Sunday’s tragic events which left countless injured and five dead.

The country duo had been scheduled to take the stage a few minutes prior to a 60-70 mph gust of wind blowing the stage down at Indianapolis State Fair. Nearly 100 people were crushed, with many injuries and five deaths, including Nathan Byrd, the daredevil stagehand. Miraculously the duo weren’t injured during the stage collapse.

It was all because of Hellen Rollens, their tour manager. She made the decision just minutes before the collapse that the conditions were too unsafe for Sugarland to take to the stage in spite of the fact that others were telling the pair to go on stage.

Rollens informed Gail Gellman, the full manager for the band, that she had gone by her intuition instead of anything else. It appears now that the last minute decision made by Rollen’s might have saved the lives of the Sugarland band members. Gellman praised Rollens in a Washington Post story.

Gellman said, it’s very important for a tour manager to understand weather conditions when playing outdoors. We have always discussed not putting our band out there to play during heavy rain, lightning or wind.

Everyone was inside a prayer circle, preparing to take the stage. The stage fell just as Hellen walked down the ramp. Her decision of holding them for a minute, literally save each crew and band member’s life.