Band of Horses Saddle Up Acoustic Tour Behind Ryman Album

Modern indie heroes Band Of Horses are set to embark on an acoustic theater tour behind the release of their upcoming, and equally acoustic, album, Band of Horses: Acoustic at the Ryman.

The intimate winter run is due to kick off on February 11th in Los Angeles. The 13-city outing will then see said band (Of Horses) makes stops in major markets, including San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago, as well as featuring a couple of Canadian dates, before wrapping up with a March 5th concert at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium – the same venue where the band recorded their impending live release.

Band Of Horses: Acoustic at the Ryman, meanwhile, will see physical, digital, spiritual and other kinds of release on February 11th, the same day the supporting tour begins. The 10-song set, recorded in April 2013 over two nights, features acoustic renditions of the group’s biggest hits.

“The game plan was to keep it wild and expressive like the show while capturing it with highest resolution available,” bassist Bill Reynolds said in a press release. “The electricity in The Ryman was off the charts. If that makes it to the listener, then we’ll consider this a success.”

The live album comes nearly a year and a half after the band’s most recent studio effort, Mirage Rock, which peaked at No. 13 on that magical Billboard 200.

Acoustic appears to be something of a running theme for the band recently, with frontman Ben Bridwell hitting the road just last month for a mini solo acoustic tour across the southeast under the moniker Birdsmell. Don’t worry – you’re not alone – we hate that moniker too.