Adam Lambert's GMA Performance Canceled

In the wake of his controversial ‘American Music Awards’ performance, Adam Lambert got dropped like a hot potato by the higher ups of ‘Good Morning America.’ The flap in question had Lambert simulating oral sex, bondage and kissing a male band member on the Award show. ABC said it received 1500 complaints from viewers of the AMA which was moderate but by no means extraordinary. ‘Good Morning America’s’ loss seemed to be ‘The Early Show’s’ gain as Lambert appeared to clear up any misconceptions that may have been flying around that moment. Lambert said that the act “came from more of an impromptu place” and that the moments in question weren’t rehearsed. “Sometimes I forget — ‘Oh, there’s a camera on. I come from the theater….I was looking out in the crowd and saw some of my favorite pop stars and thought–I want to let loose. And it just kinda got the best of me.”

Lambert seemed to deflect any effort to portray him as the tainter of America’s youth as he said Eninem and Janet Jackson also presented content of a very adult nature during the awards show. When asked if he was apologetic of his performance, he simply said “I’m not a babysitter, I’m a performer.” He did imply that there was an unstated double standard since he was a gay male. A similar routine by a female wouldn’t have raised as many collective eyebrows he said. The full interview from ‘The Early Show’ on CBS can be viewed below.

The American Idol runner-up’s debut album For Your Entertainment was released on November 23. Upcoming tour dates for 2010 are still forthcoming